Bing: Weird Query Rewriting

TL;DR: Bing query rewriting is completely absurd.

I rarely use Bing, but now I have to do it from time to time for SEO purposes. It was a completely WTF moment when I queried it for "Chivalo". See the results for Bing in Spanish:

  1. Ch - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre -
  2. Carolina Herrera -
  3. .ch - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre -

What? No result contains the keyword chivalo in the title, URL, snippet or content. The query has been rewritten from chivalo to just ch.

Let's try for chívalo (note the í which is the correct spelling for the Spanish word)...

  1. Ferdinand Cheval - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre -
  2. Château Cheval Blanc - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre -âteau_Cheval_Blanc
  3. Cheval - Wikipédia -

Alright. chívalo is rewritten to cheval. Two different words from two different languages (Spanish and French) with no relation at all.

Let's try Bing UK:

  1. George Chuvalo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
  2. Chivalo - Discover, collect, buy -
  3. George Chuvalo - IMDb -

Hey. Our website appears as the second result. But no other related results are shown, and completely unrelated results for Chuvalo are included. At least, in this case, I get a message explaining what's happening (Including results for chuvalo. Do you want results for chivalo only?) which was not the case for Bing in Spanish.

To the Bing guys: Chivalo can be a few things:

  1. A Spanish word (chívalo) for gossip it. It's quite unusual, but it's a form of the verb chivar.
  2. A Spanish family name.
  3. (my startup)
  4. A small village in Mozambique. It's not recognized by Google Maps, but it's there.
  5. A small dutch store.
  6. A few more things that are barely findable.

None of them have any relation with CH, Chuvalo or cheval, at all. You are trying to be too smart, and you look dumb instead.

For search results that make sense, try DuckDuckGo or Google.

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