Swapping languages in a Gettext PO file

TL;DR: Here you have a script for swapping the source and target language of a Gettext PO file. Grab it.

For the first time, I'm working on a project that requires full internationalization (i.e. Chívalo!). So far, I have learned 3 things: 1) Internationalization is much harder than I've ever thought, 2) most tools suck, 3) most Java developers seem to live in a bubble where Gettext never happened. Those will be interesting topics for other posts, but today I'll just explain how to solve a simple problem: swapping source and target languages of a Gettext PO file.

Unlocking data: Power generation statistics in Spain

TL;DR: Spanish Government has a web service to query power generation statistics. But it is locked behind some obscurity and lack of docs. I have put together some scripts to fetch all raw data. Fork it on GitHub or download a CSV with all historic data.

For some time, I have been increasingly interested in electricity demand statistics. Some witty folks are using demanda.ree.es, a Flash visualizer for power generation and demand in Spain, to measure interesting stuff such as the impact of turn-off-the-lights protests or solidarity acts (1) or the success of a general strike (1, 2, 3). These uses are really exciting and I think we can get much more out of this kind of data. So I decided to provide easy access to it.